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Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair Review

(5 out of 5 stars from 984 Reviews)

$ 4.295,00

Overall Rating


"Seat Vibration Massage"

Back pressure relief
Reduction of muscle tension
correct spinal alignment
Expand lung capacity
Helps decrease stress on heart

Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair is a newly released product from Osaki. It iss the ultimate massage chair, offering the highest standards of quality, comfort and luxury.

This massage chair provides an effective massage, no matter the hour of the day or night, for free. Osaki OS-7000 massage chair is the perfect method of spoiling yourself. It has so many features, programs and massage types, that you will never be bored. You can massage every area of your body, enjoy the benefits of stretching and relaxing, and get rid of the pain that has accumulated in your body throughout the day.

A Few Details about the Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair Product

The product is a gravity defying chair. It lifts the user’s legs above the heart level, creating the most comfortable and least stressful position for the body. This way, the spine is positioned horizontally, and your muscles and bones will not feel any gravitational stress during the massage session, enjoying the benefits of an intelligent and pleasurable massage.

Furthermore, the innovative design and features of the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair offers you the possibility to have every part of your body massaged: pelvis and hips, shoulders, arms and hands, legs, neck, back, and head. The massage is done with the help of airbags that create gentle air pressure, delivering the most comfortable and complete massage session possible. Besides air massage, this chair also offers heating massage, with the help of its infrared heating function.


The Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair has 13 independent motors that provide a powerful massage for all the body parts. With a total of 46 airbags, this chair offers the deepest massage possible, reaching every area of the body, every muscle and every bone, including the tailbone. The airbags are positioned intelligently, twisting and stretching the muscles around your hips and pelvis area, arms, legs or neck.

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Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair Features

Unlike any other massage chair on the market, the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair has head and foot massage features, so that no part of your body remains unattended. The head massage airbags apply very delicate pressure on the forehead, imitating the palm of a hand.

You will have the impression that the experienced hands of a professional massager are gently rubbing your head, eliminating stress and bad thoughts. The same way, your feet are massaged with great skill, and all the leg pain accumulated after a day of walking, running or wearing uncomfortable shoes is gently taken away.

Your back is massaged with the help of a 4 roller system that uses the latest S-track 3D technology. This technology actually creates a map of your back and adjusts the motors depending on the natural curve of the spine, massaging it from top to bottom.

The range of vertical motions delivered by the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair is 31 inches, the longest of all massage chairs on the market. The even pressure applied contributes to stretching the spine and correcting its position. The movements imitate Thai massage that stretches your legs and spine and stimulates your muscles.

The Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair – Main Advantages

  • Complete massage – the chair offers a throughout massage for all the body parts and muscles, so you can achieve a state of profound relaxation, and fatigue relief.
  • Adjustable features – every user can adjust the intensity of the massage – from low pressure to high pressure, there are three intensity levels to choose from. Furthermore, the massagers are adjustable, so you can position them so as to enjoy an even massage session.
  • Variety – there are 6 pre-programmed massage sessions the user can choose from: Relax, Therapy, Health Care, Smart, and Circulation. If you prefer to create your own personalized sessions, you can choose to massage only certain areas of your body, depending on you preferences. You can enjoy either air massage or heating massage, and you can also have a roller back massage.
  • Ease of use – the chair has an easy to use remote control located in the arm rest. You can even lift the remote in an upright position in order to see the controls better and change between settings.
  • Low stress on the spine – thanks to the zero-gravity technology, the spine is spared from any stress during the massage session, so you can enjoy a floating feeling and the sensation of imponderability.
  • Durable and reliable – the chair complies with the highest standards of quality, and it has been built to last. The durability is backed up by a 3 year warranty of the product that can be extended depending on the user’s wish.
  • Modern design – the chair has probably one of the most modern designs on the market. Its appealing look and the futuristic design match perfectly the latest technology it uses, its high standards of quality, ease of control and numerous settings.

Main Drawbacks of the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair

– Quite expensive – the chair might not fit the budget of some families. However, considering the high technology it uses, and the numerous functions included, it is completely worth the price.
– The heating massage is not offered for all the body parts; the infrared heating massage is offered for the knee, waist and ankle areas.

Customer Reviews of the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair

Customers who have bought this massage chair consider it is one of the best purchases for their health and comfort they have ever made. Some customers who had severe back problems and underwent various therapies said that the chair relieved their back pain, acting as one of the most effective pain-killers they have ever tried.

Osaki os-7000 Massage chair

The fact that the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair offers such a complex massage is one of the most appreciated things about it. Every part of the body is smoothly and efficiently massaged, contributing to the improvement of the health, physical condition and vitality of the user.

Another good point noticed by customers is the fact that the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage chair is easy to assemble and the instructions are straightforward. Some instructions are missing, however, but assembling the respective parts doesn’t require complex understanding of the design or technology, so every client can get the hang of it in no time.

The Thai massage function has great popularity, and most users consider it is one of the most attractive features of the chair. The fact that the chair uses synchronized movements to auto-adjust increases the comfort of the user creating a strong and smooth massage. Overall, people consider that the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair offers great value for the price, reliability, durability, variety and the highest level of comfort.

Conclusion of Osaki OS-7000 Review

The Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair is, without doubt, the expression of contemporaneity and luxury. Whether you experience back or neck pain, you have an exhausting job, you are a professional athlete, or you just want to offer yourself a moment of complete relaxation from time to time, the latest release from Osaki is the perfect choice for you. It has countless features included by its designers in order to satisfy the most different wishes and the highest customer expectations.

There is no greater joy than coming home from work and enjoying a relaxing massage. After a massage session in the Osaki chair, you will feel full of energy, vitality, and in an excellent mood. In time, after using the chair regularly, you will notice an improvement of your body position, blood circulation and an overall better physical condition. As you can see, the Osaki OS-7000 Executive Massage Chair is the best investment you could ever make in your health.

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$ 4.295,00

$ 4.295,00