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Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

The product of extensive research and development, the Osaki massage chair is one of the top technologically advanced chairs you’ll find in the market. Its models boast high quality and a wide range of extensive features. Topping these is a sleek design that is not only a sight for sore eyes, but flexible enough to look great in any setting or room. So if you are in the market for a high-tech yet stylish massage chair, Osaki’s chairs are your perfect choice.

Top Rated Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000C model
Osaki OS-4000C model OS-4000 Executive ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair, Cream, Synthetic Leather
Osaki OS-7075C
Osaki OS-7075C ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair - Beige (Cream). ALL NEW with rolling foot massage
Osaki OS-7200H
Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Zero Gravity Recliner Heated Thai Therapy 4 Roller S-Track - 51 Air Bags
Osaki OS-4000
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Massage Chair with Bonus Stress Release Package

To give you a nudge in the right direction, here are Osaki massage chair reviews of four new models.

Osaki OS-7075C ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair 7075R

The Osaki OS-7075 is one of the latest from the leading massage chair producer. Succeeding the Osaki OS-7000, it continues the legacy of its predecessor while offering a unique set of rollers to massage the soles of your feet.

This Osaki massage chair also flaunts the Zero Gravity feature, which reduces stress on your spine by elevating your legs above your heart and positioning your spine horizontally. Even the U.S. space program acknowledges the stress relief capabilities of the Osaki OS-7075, especially since they give its users a floating feeling.

Other important features of this Osaki massage chair are:

• Six preset healthcare massages, each different from the other to provide variety and tackle different massage needs
• Air bags around the hip and waist area to carry out deep compression massage; these twist the hip to stretch stressed muscles, especially around the pelvis and lower body
• A bonus head massager which imitates the feel of palms pressing down on the forehead
• A conveniently located remote control on the armrest ; it can be lifted upright for easy visibility

The Osaki OS-7075C ZERO GRAVITY is definitely worth buying. However, size challenged individuals will not be able to get the most from this one-size-fits-all massage chair.

Users have complained that it “overshoots the mark vertically and does not hit the mark horizontally”. Therefore, if your height and weight are below average, this chair may not be for you. Luckily, there are three other options below for you to take your pick from.

Osaki OS-7200HC Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair Executive

The Osaki OS-7200HC is the successor of the OS-6000. In addition to providing the same features of its successor, this Osaki massage chair comes with built-in S-track rolling technology to ensure the consistency of the massage’s pressure. There are also 51 air bags throughout the chair to massage vital areas of both your upper and lower body.

Complementing these is a unique automatic leg scan which stretches the muscles of taller people. This Osaki massage chair also features the Zero Gravity feature like the previous mode, reducing the vertical pressure on your spine.

In addition to these valuable features, this massage chair provides the following:
• Music sync massage, which relies on vibrations according to the beat of the music flowing from speakers in the backrest
• An MP3/iPod dock
• Six pre-set programs which vary in speed and intensity
• A handheld remote with a bright LED display
• LED ambient lights on the side panels to create a chromotherapeutic environment
• An automatic backrest recline to 170 degrees to ensure additional comfort
• Thai style body stretch and pelvis twist programs to relax your muscles

Made from synthetic leather and available in black, brown and charcoal, the Osaki OS-7200HC Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair is available for about $3,800. It offers good value as its buyers have praised its features and called it “enjoyable” and “relaxing”.

Osaki OS-4000C Executive ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair OS 4000c

Another Zero Gravity Osaki massage chair, the OS-4000C model features all the specs of the OS-3000. However, it also has a few tricks up its sleeve, including 48 multilayered air bags that carry out a number of air massages that target the hips, seat, neck and shoulders.

The OS-4000C also provides vibration arm massage and heat therapy for your back, ensuring complete relaxation. What further boosts the effects of this chair is the Osaki body scan technology, which is activated via a button to scan your body and adjust the rollers and height and width of the chair according to your body.
While these are the top features of the OS-4000C, the following also make this chair unique.
• Foot rollers which provide soothing reflexology massage to your soles and target acupuncture points to reduce their tension
• Ergonomic S-track design to support your neck, back and lumber area while boosting the effects of your massage
• Six auto programs – Circulation, Demo, Healthcare, Relax, Smart and Therapy
• Soft quad style rollers that provide hand-like massage

Available for about $2,800, the Osaki OS-4000C Executive ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair is an affordable massage chair which has received many positive reviews from those who bought it. While some went to the extent of calling it “sophisticated” and a match for more expensive models, others pointed out small technicalities such as relatively sensitive remote control and unstable main control board.

OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair 4000

The OS-4000 is a marquee chair that combines modernity, sophistication and simplicity. This zero gravity Osaki massage chair considers your body’s posture, distributing pressure across the whole body rather than in one specific area.

It also features 48 airbags which cover the shoulders, neck, arms, back, calves and even the feet. Complementing the airbags are advanced rollers and kneading mechanisms, all of which promise to give you the feel of a human hand.

Aside from these, the OS-4000 features:
• Six auto programs – Circulation, Demo, Healthcare, Relax, Smart and Therapy
• Six methods for massage – Clapping, Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, Swedish, and Tapping
• Five levels of speed and intensity along with three types of adjustable width
• Synthetic leather exterior which is available in 6 colors

Available for about $2,900, the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage has been praised for its aesthetic appeal, powerful massages, and durability.
With any Osaki massage chair from this list, rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your money.