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iJoy Massage Chair Review – Picking the Best for Your Comfort

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An iJoy Massage Chair is essentially designed to relax your body and muscles after a long day, de-stressing you completely. So if you tend to have long and tiring days often, these massage chairs can be a worthy investment for sure. However, there are several different models of massage chairs that iJoy has to offer. This means that you get to select between different features and massage techniques. Before you make a decision, go over this review to learn as much as you can about iJoy massage chairs.

iJoy Massage Chair

The iJoy Massage Chairs – A Complete Review

Massage is considered to be one of the best alternative treatments for most types of pains and aches. iJoy massage chairs offer a complete therapeutic massage, delivering all the health benefits of this alternative treatment. If you are interested in buying an iJoy massage chair, here is a complete review of two different models of iJoy chairs; iJoy 2580 and iJoy 2310.

iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair

The iJoy 2580 robotic massage chair features an advanced Human Touch Technology to deliver a professional-level massage. It has a powerful recline that allows users to assume a relaxing and comfortable position while the controller is positioned on the armrest. There are three different 15-minute massage programs offered by this chair, all intended to target different areas for massage between upper, lower and entire back.

There are several other little features in addition like a removable massage pad for adjusting massage intensity, the cup holder and the wheels that make using this iJoy Massage Chair entirely comfortable and convenient in more than one way.

iJoy Massage Chair 2580

The Good and the Bad

According to most customer reviews, this chair is well-built and made from high-quality leather, allowing it to last for years without fail. Another feature that all users have specified is the low price of this chair compared to other similar products in the market.
Users have also liked the massage techniques employed in this iJoy massage chair. All in all, they find it to be great massage chair that offers high value for its price. A major flaw that most people have reported in this chair is its somewhat small size, making it a more fitting choice for women than men. The absence of a foot rest is another design flaw that most people have complained about as they do not have anywhere to place their feet as they are in the resting position.


With a list price of $1,099.00 in the market, it may not be cheap; but considering the benefits it has to offer, it is definitely worth every penny paid for it. What makes this iJoy Massage Chair even more appealing is that you may find it at a discounted price on Amazon.
Overall, you can say that this iJoy Massage chair is a good combination of functionality and affordability. Despite the slightly smaller size, it is an effective massage chair that can help users unwind after a long day at work.

iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy 2310 is quite similar in its functionality to the iJoy 2580, offering the same three 15-minute automatic massage programs which employ four different massaging techniques with the Human Touch Technology. It also has a similar leather structure but lacks the separate headrest like the one included in iJoy 2580.

In addition, it comes with a removable pad for adjusting massage intensity. A controller storage area and wheels are also included in this iJoy massage chair. In terms of functionality, it is as good as iJoy 2580, but there are certain small features lacking like the in-built controller on the armrest and the cup holder.
The Good and the Bad

This iJoy massage chair has has great customer reviews, which shows that it is quite popular with users. According to their reviews, the iJoy 2310 is a well-built, quality massage chair that delivers effective massage therapies for different areas.
Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair

Users have found it to be a long-lasting chair that uses high-quality leather.

In comparison to the iJoy 2580, this chair has almost the same functional features, but at a significantly low price, which is another positive attribute users favor in this chair.
According to Amazon’s users, this iJoy massage chair has a sturdy structure despite its lack of a separate head-resting area.

Its controls are very effective and smooth as well. It is a value offering product that comes at a much lower price than many similar chairs available in the market. However, as with the iJoy 2580, users think that this chair is also small in size, making it more suitable for women than men.


The list price of this chair in the market is $1,099.00, much lower than what most massage chairs are offered for. This iJoy massage chair comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as well. However, it may be available on Amazon for a discounted price.
In a nutshell, the functional aspects of this chair are as good as the other model of iJoy massage chair. However, this chair is more affordable in comparison to the iJoy 2580, making it more suitable for the budget conscious customers. While iJoy 2580 is more streamlined and sleek in its structure, r the functionality remains almost same the same.

Selecting Between iJoy 2580 and iJoy 2310

Both iJoy-2580 and iJoy-2310 are highly praised massage chairs that are equally functional in terms of offering therapeutic and relaxing massages. Both have received remarkably positive feedback from users, some of which who claim that these chairs are “well-built”, “high-quality”, “great chairs”, and of “outstanding value”.
Despite the slight price and feature differences, these chairs make no compromise on the quality of their massages, and can be a perfect investment for anyone looking for relaxation and comfort on an everyday basis. Moreover, compared to most other massage chairs, you can find any iJoy massage chair of the aforementioned two at a price that is hundreds of dollars less than its competitors.

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$ 1.599,00

$ 1.599,00