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Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 Review

(4 out of 5 stars from 118 Reviews)

Overall Rating


"Distinct massage techniques"

Professional massage techniques
Full body stretching
Foot and calf massager
Robust design

No matter what your job is, your muscles are strained either from the physical effort or from the long hours spent in front of the computer. In order to reduce that tension, you need an efficient helping hand, like the one offered by the new Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody. 

Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody Characteristics

Quiet motor – Although it is powerful enough to sustain a prolonged  activity, the motor incorporated in this device runs very smoothly. You  can even enjoy a nap during the massage session, without being disturbed  by any annoying noise.

High quality materials – The soft, yet durable material of the upholstery contributes  to inducing a state of relaxation and comfort to the person using the      chair. This way, the treatment has an increased efficiency, leaving you  completely free of the tension accumulated in the muscles throughout a  hard day at work.

Long warranty period – The product is guaranteed for 5 years, enough time for you to enjoy the beneficial effects of a high quality massage, brought straight  to your home by the  Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040. During all this period, if a part      is broken or stops functioning properly, the producer replaces it without  charging you extra.

Rotating base – You can change the position of the chair with up to 60 degrees, in order to improve your comfort

Elegant design – The chair is easy to match with every decor, no matter if it is for home or office use.

The Strong Points of this Human Touch Massage Chair

  • – Three massage programs – Each of them lasts 15 minutes, long enough to free the muscles of any pain or tension. The programs are designed to ease the strain from your entire back, shoulders, neck or just from the lower back. This way, all the important areas of the body are covered.human touch massage chair ht-5040 sketch
  • – Five massage modes – All the techniques used by professional masseurs (rolling, kneading, percussion, compression, and the efficient kneading and percussion combination) are included, for best effects on all your muscles.
  • – Stretch mode – With it, you can feel the invigorating effects of the massage on your whole body. One session is enough to leave you totally refreshed, ready to carry on with the daily routine, without resenting the effects of the daily efforts and stress.
  • – Reclining seat – This is just another advantage that comes with the Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody. It ensures the most comfortable position during the massage sessions, especially when it comes to the stretching program. You can thus relax and even fall asleep during the program.
  • – Neck and shoulders massage – If you work in an office, you are probably more than familiar with neck stiffness and its unpleasant effects on your general state of health and mood. Shoulder pain is also an effect of the long hours spent on a chair, in front of the desk. Fortunately, thanks to the special massage modes incorporated in the Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody, you can forget about all these painful sensations. The neck and shoulders are released of all strain, and all that is left behind is a formidable sensation of relaxation.
  • – Massage for feet and calves – These areas are equally exposed to pain and tension, especially if your job implies standing. Thanks to this special mode, you can carry on with the daily routine at work without suffering any of its negative effects, like muscle strain or soars in these particular areas of the body.human touch massage chair ht-5040 beige
  • – Comfortable headrest – The designers of the Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody had in mind every little detail that can make your massage session enjoyable. One of them is the soft headrest. It offers a proper position of the neck and shoulders during the massage, creating at the same time a pleasant sensation of comfort.
  • – Affordable price – With all these features, you may be entitled to believe that the price of this chair equals a fortune. Well, there is no reason to worry about the financial part.

If you consider the price you pay for a single massage session at a professional parlour, the time you spend going there and coming back home and the fact that you need an appointment, this one of a kind treat will certainly seem like a bargain. So, leave your worries behind and enjoy the beneficial effects of a massage performed at high professional standards.

Weak Points of the Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040

With these incredible features and significant advantages, there is not much room left for negative appreciations. There are some minor drawbacks mentioned by different customers. Some complain about the weight of this Human Touch Massage Chair. While the chair is indeed quite heavy, it is all in order to make it withstand overweight people as well and to provide a greater stability. Besides, there are quite a few customers who say that it fits perfect even in small homes, as long as you do not move it around very often.

Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 Customers Reviews

There are a great number of reviews written by people who declare themselves extremely satisfied with the impressive features of the Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody. Some of them describe in favorable terms the neck and shoulders massage mode, confessing to have felt a tremendous improvement of their physical condition thanks to it. Others, who purchased the product recently, are thrilled to discover all the benefits offered by the massage techniques used by the three different programs.

Wrap Up

The superior quality of the chair’s upholstery and the great reliability of the electronic part are other details that make the thrill of people all over the world. Add the affordable price and you have the recipe for a better life!

In the end, the decision is, of course, entirely yours. It is up to you to decide whether you want to relax in front of the TV when you come home and have your back and neck pain dealt with or you would rather struggle to hang on until tomorrow and stuff yourself with painkillers. The Human Touch Massage Chair HT-5040 WholeBody can make your life better and you know it!