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Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair Review

(4 out of 5 stars from 151 Reviews)

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Knocking and Vibrating
Rolling (Back Stretch)

Whenever you feel tired and strained after a full day at the office, there is no better way to relax than by indulging yourself with a massage, courtesy of your own personal physiotherapist, the brand new Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair with Body Scan Built in.

There are many jobs that imply a considerable physical effort for a successful completion of the daily tasks. People who work in these fields do not resent the immediate effects of their activity and, so, it is possible for the muscular strain to accumulate, leading to major health issues. Some of them aggravate and become difficult to cure, the treatment consisting in painful physiotherapy sessions and expensive medication.

The solution to all these problems is either a regular check of one’s general state of health, or periodic massage sessions. Both of these alternatives have major inconveniences, because, while the first requires a lot of time and appointments made in advance, the second one is too expensive for someone with a middle sized income.

Luckily, now there is a handy solution to these problems, none other than Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair, your own massage parlour.

Features of Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair

This is an incredible device, that can not only fight against some of the medical conditions appeared as a consequence of intense and prolonged physical effort, but also prevent them, by totally or partially eliminating their main cause: the muscular strain.

Thanks to the beneficial effects of the massage, all the functions of the body are visibly improved. This way, you can enjoy a very good state of health, one that will allow you to carry on with your daily routine without any problem, for a long time.

 The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair is equipped with a motor powerful enough to ensure a proper functioning. The device is very user-friendly, its customizable functions allowing extended adjustments.

This way, it can be used by people of different ages, with different physical characteristics, with maximum efficiency in every situation. Just imagine the satisfaction of having your own professional masseur, always there when you need him or her.

The main reason allowing you to enjoy this feeling lies with the 6 different massage programs, that are of a great help in relieving the pain and strain resented in different parts of the body. The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair also has a lot of other amazing features that recommend it as a top product for its class.

Main Characteristics of Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair with Body Scan

  • – Powerful, quiet motor – It runs very smoothly. The lack of noise contributes to your state of total relaxation during the massage sessions, and you can even have a short nap, without anything to disturb you.
  • – Customizable programs – They can be adjusted by any user at a certain point, making possible the creation of different massage programs, according to the particular needs of each user.
  • – Humanized hands – Thanks to this incredible feature, you are not able to sense the difference between this device and a professional masseur. The  ”hands” of Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair release the strain accumulated in every inch of your body, through an intense or soft massage, depending on your  preferences at a certain point.
  • – Durable materials. All the materials used for the manufacturing of this      incredible device, from the metallic parts to the electronic components and the soft and inviting upholstery are of top quality. The extended 10 years warranty is the best proof of that, any repair or replacement within this period being made absolutely free of charge.
  • – 180 degrees recline – The chair can be instantly transformed into a bed, thanks to this special feature. This way, you can sit more comfortably during the massage session, and your blood circulation is considerably improved. These  factors contribute to inducing a state of relaxation that increases the      efficiency and the beneficial effects of the massage therapy on all your      body parts.
    – 320 pounds maximum admittance – This is great news for peoplewith weight issues. They can enjoy the benefits of a good massage as well, thanks to the increased resistance and durability of the new Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair.
  • – Great safety – The footrest and calf rest are designed to stop instantly if they meet obstacles while reclining, ensuring the protection of pets or little children that may be in the area and preventing unwanted incidents.

Advantages of Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair

  • – Shiatsu massage – Known also as pressure-puncture, this technique is used in many oriental countries, having an important role in relieving pain and      even curing some serious ailments. This particular type of massage not only releases the accumulated strain and pain from the different parts of your body, such as back, legs and arms, but also stimulates the normal functioning of all internal organs. Thanks to this function, with Forever Rest Premium
  • – Infrared massage – It is possible thanks to the jade massage device and the neon bulbs that provide the necessary heat. Its level can be adjusted according to the necessities of the user, from 40 to 70 degrees Celsius. This is another huge benefit of this product, and, thanks to it, you can enjoy the great therapeutic effects of this type of massage in your own home.
  • – 6 different types of programs – Apart from shiatsu, there are 5 more massage programs available. So, thanks to the new Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair w\Body Scan Built in Heat (Top of the Line) 10 yr Warranty (Black) you can experience      them all. You can freely enjoy the effects that Knocking, Rolling, Kneading, Flapping and Vibration massage modes have on your general state      of health, simply by having this amazing device in your home.
  • – Calf rest and footrest – They ensure a comfortable position during the massage session, allowing the body to relax and to leave behind all the strain and stress accumulated in the muscles. Besides, you can also enjoy a gentle massage of your calf, whenever you want to, thanks to the special device incorporated in the calf rest.
  • – Convenient price – Putting all the other great benefits that come with every existing function of Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair aside, this is perhaps the most important      aspect. You can have this wonderful product at only a fraction of the price paid for a spa yearly subscription. Given the fact that you can enjoy high quality services in the comfort of your home, purchasing this item can be seen as a wise investment.

Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair Drawbacks

Despite the multitude of advantages that come with this product, there are also a few minor drawbacks. For instance, some users complained that it is too heavy. But, given the fact that it is designed to support 320 pounds, you cannot expect it to be light as a feather. Besides, this is more of an advantage, because both stability and durability are ensured.

There are others unsatisfied that they have to plug the device in and out in order for it to start or stop functioning. Well, it is the best way of avoiding system overloads and power failures.

Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair Customer Reviews

There are a lot of people who purchased this product and are extremely happy with it. Most of them are thrilled with the shiatsu and the heat massage functions, especially elderly customers, who observed a significant improvement of their state of health.

Other buyers are extremely satisfied with the way Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair can be adjusted, offering them a total control of the programs and functions.

Some of the customers also pointed to how durable, reliable and safe this product is, and all they underlined its affordability compared to all the tremendous advantages it offers.

Conclusions of the Forever Rest Premium Massage Chairs

You do not have to trust anyone if you do not want to. All you have to do is to buy the Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair and indulge in the refreshing massage sessions, for the benefit of each and every single cell of your body.