Top Massage Chair Brands – What Are the Most Trustworthy Manufactures of Exquisite Massage Chairs?

Top Massage Chair Brands – What Are the Most Trustworthy Manufactures of Exquisite Massage Chairs?

Best Massage Chair BrandsInvesting in a massage chair is quite a smart thing to do, since a massage chair is able to provide your body and mind with benefits that you cannot get in any other way – but you must first check to see what the top massage chair brands are, in order to choose a model that you would not turn into a clothes hanger after a few weeks, and that would not tear apart after a few uses.

Since massage chairs are becoming more and more popular, as they perfectly ease the busy and messy lifestyle at the present day, there are a lot of manufacturers that have oriented towards producing and selling various massage models.

When you are purchasing a massage chair, what you should seek is a therapeutic effect. A top quality massage chair must follow this rule: the longer you sit down and enjoy the massage, the more benefits you get. You should be able to feel perfectly relaxed, healthy and recovered; all pain in the muscles and joints should disappear. If you feel that the longer you use it, you feel somewhat more uncomfortable, it means that the massage chair surely does not match any quality standards.

You should not experience this problem if you choose from the top massage chair brands. While choosing a well known brand may not be enough, as it may not necessarily guarantee you that you will get the best massage chair possible, it will undoubtedly put you on a right track and save you a lot of problems.

So, initially, you should figure out what brand suits you best and then select one massage chair model from the range of products offered. In order to be able to narrow down your options to the final one, you should take into consideration the price that you can afford, and also read at least a couple massage chair reviews written by people who have already purchased and used the product. If you do so, it will be easy to make an inspired decision and purchase an exquisite massage chair, without exceeding your budget.

 What are the Top Massage Chair Brands?

So, now that you know how to start your search, here are the most popular brands you can choose from:

Inada Massage Chairs

Inada Massage ChairInada is a powerful name in the massage chair industry, carrying a tradition of 50 years; they designed their first automatic massage chair in 1962. Hence, they have gathered a remarkable knowledge in designing and manufacturing shiatsu massage chairs. They usually set the trend on the massage chair market, as they are involved in about all leading innovations that emerge in this industry.

They are renowned for their ability to innovate and surprise both customers and the competition. Their massage chairs deliver the ultimate therapeutic benefits, which are considered to be far beyond what most other brand can deliver. We cannot speak of top massage chair brands without mentioning Inada and their fantastic DreamWave technology with models such as the Inada SOGNO Dreamwave Massage Chair being popular.

Amongst many other things that they have been the first ones to accomplish (e.g. designing the first massage chair with vibration, designing the first massage chair that could be customized to the user’s body profile, designing the first model with voice activation, etc.) the manufacturers from Inada were also the first that have received Japanese medical approval.

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Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic EP30007 Massage ChairPanasonic is another valuable name amongst the top massage chair brands. They have been in this industry for over 40 years, being a powerful leader on the US market. They are always trying to reach perfection, constantly developing new technologies that redesign the massage chair industry and amaze customers. Panasonic massage chairs are considered to be the most human-like loungers on the market, as they embed technologies such as advanced body scan (which designs a virtual map of one’s pressure points) and grasping massage motion. If you are looking for supreme comfort and style, Panasonic is certainly the right brand for you.

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Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human Touch HT-5040 WholeBody Massage ChairHuman Touch has been one of the top massage chair brands for over 30 years. They provide the ultimate wellness solutions, helping people stay healthy and happy. Their products are state-of-the-art pieces that feature patented massage systems, which offer results similar to those provided by massage professionals. Human Touch is the leading supplier of massage chairs in the U.S, their range of products being easily recognized through their attractive designs and ultimate technological capabilities.

They sell their products to professional customers, such as athletes and chiropractors, but they also have many customers among regular people who suffer from back pain or live stressful lives. They have the only robotic massage chair that has been certified by the World Federation of Chiropractic as a professional aid in back care therapies.

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Sanyo Massage Chairs

HEC-SR1000K Sanyo Massage Chair Sanyo is one of the top massage chair brands that sell high quality products at affordable prices. Their customers are regular people and business owners who are looking for modern massage chairs for sale. They offer products that have an attractive and stylish design, complemented by the finest technology, so they are an excellent choice in any environment – at home or at the office. Sanyo’s Shiatsu massage chairs provide a fully adjustable massage experience, which increases the levels of comfort and relaxation. Their chairs massage your shoulders, back and feet, giving you an excellent boost at the end of the day. Sanyo’s products are stylish, durable and easy to care for.

These are the 4 top massage chair brands on the market. They all have excellent products that encompass powerful technology and design. Now, choosing the best massage chair is up to you. The best thing you can do is look at the prices and the ease of use and maintenance of the products. Even if you do not know exactly what you want yet, with a little research, you will surely find what you need amongst the products offered by these top massage chair brands.

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Top  Massage Chair Brands – Conclusion

Analyze various options before making your decision, or just go for what catches your eye, as you cannot go wrong no matter which of these 4 brands you choose. These manufacturers are more than worthy of being listed as the top massage chair brands, due to years of experience, commitment and innovations.

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