Panasonic Massage Chair Review – EP1285KL Urban Lounger

Panasonic Massage Chair Review – EP1285KL Urban Lounger

Panasonic Massage Chair Urban Down

The Panasonic Massage Chair EP1285KL Urban Lounger with Chiro Mode can make your life better for sure. No matter if you are one of those people whose job requires a lot of physical activity or you just spend a lot of time sitting in an office, this massage lounger is a good choice.

When you get home tired and you also feel pain in your muscles, having someone massage your back and shoulders may seem like a good option, but it is not enough. No, what you need is a full body massage, performed by a professional!

 The modern design of the new Urban Collection is much more attractive than that of the previous Panasonic models. Some Panasonic chairs came with a design that seemed meant for industrial use, lacking style and personality. This new collection boasts brushed aluminum accents and padded armrests.

The Main Features of the Panasonic Massage Chair

EP1285KL Urban Lounger


This Panasonic Massage Chair Lounger includes four manual massage modes: kneading, rolling, compression, and tapping. The neck roller position allows users to set the height of the rollers for more comfort and a relaxing position. The option is also great for targeting the exact areas affected by muscle strain.

Panasonic Massage Chair detail

Whether you settle for one mode or you decide to go for the automatic combination, there is no doubt you will feel like new and forget all about the exhausting day you had the minute the massage session is over.

The Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode was developed to provide a completely relaxing and satisfying massage at any time. It uses a gliding massage mechanism that gives your back an amazing sensation of comfort. Its various massage programs and its unique design is exactly the things you need when you get back home, after a rough day at work.

You can sit back in front of the TV, watching the news, a film or TV show you like, and the incredible mechanism of the Massage Lounger will combine various massage techniques to help you relax and feel better. Its rubber heads imitate the pressing and the stroking of the human hands, as well as the needing of the fingers.

The Panasonic engineers outran themselves in developing efficient techniques meant to identify and stimulate the sensitive areas of your body. For example, the acupoint stimulation is used to unblock the energy in your body and to induce a feeling of invigoration.
The Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode, with its automatic reclining options allows you to easily change your position and enjoy extreme comfort during the massage sessions.

How Does the Panasonic Massage Urban Lounger with Chiro Mode Work?

This massage chair incorporates different automatic programs like Swedish, Quick, Chiro, and Shiatsu. The last one feels like a finger pressure massage and its off holding and releasing action are perfect to ensure a profound action on the muscles.

Panasonic Massage Chair Remote

The Swedish massage technique applies a deep pressure on your bones and muscles by sliding in the same direction of your blood flow returning to the heart. It is a great sensation and you may mistake it for that caused by the miraculous hands of a professional masseuse.

This model has a remote control with four automatic massage programs. It includes access to all the features of your massage chair through the simple push of a button. You can choose an automatic massage program or you can target the body area that you consider to require massaging. You can also open a panel for eight manual modes.

 The Advantages of Using the Panasonic EP1285KL Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode

 For many people, style is very important when buying a massage chair. It should go well with the rest of the furniture in the room where you intend to install it. This chair has a great aspect because it comes in a sleek contemporary style with beautiful aluminum accents.
The beautiful design of the Panasonic Urban Massage Chair’s air compression system is one of its advantages. It includes some specially contoured airbags to improve blood circulation. It is designed to deliver air and push it up from your feet through your lower legs in order to improve blood flow.

Panasonic Massage Chair EP1285TLOne of the massage techniques that other massage chairs do not have is the Hawaiian. It uses a special side to side motion across the back area and it is an excellent way to relax your back.

If you had a hard day at work and you come back home with feet aching or swollen, then you will consider yourself lucky to have this massage chair waiting for you. The Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode offers a great foot massage. It uses 14 airbags designed to push and pull on your tired feet in order to relieve the tension and it is the best way to rejuvenate your spirit and invigorate your body.

This massage chair’s stretching system is specially designed to improve your flexibility and to relieve tightness in the hips and back. Its Chiro mode provides a new massage technique inspired by the most effective chiropractic treatments.

Another advantage of using the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode is the possibility to recline it with just one touch of a button. Its recliner goes up to 170 degrees, enabling you to easily find a comfortable position from which to enjoy the perfect massage for your body.

Thanks to its smart rollers mechanism, the movements of your wrists are perfectly stimulated. The massage pads turn over your spine, releasing your body pressure from the compressed cervical disks and softly stretching your muscles. It is very efficient at applying pressure and it is recommended in the treatment and alleviation of many medical conditions.

The Drawbacks of Using the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode

As far as the drawbacks are concerned, there are rare complaints about the noise the chair makes, as many would have expected it to be completely silent. But, most massage chairs or devices make small noises because of their vibrations. You will notice that most clients did not hear anything, or got used to the noise fast so do not let this remark stop you from buying the massage chair that will change your life.

Other complaints have been made about its efficacy, with some stating that it does not provide noticeable results. Give it time, especially if you are not used to daily massages. Moreover, the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode can provide different types of massages, and in order to feel the results, you need to discover the most efficient technique for you. If you have back pain but you focus mostly on massaging your legs, then it is clear that your back will not be alleviated until you switch to the right mode.

The Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode Customer Reviews

As the happy owners of this massage lounger recount, having it home is a blessing. You can forget about making appointments and paying a fortune for massage sessions in specialized salons, you no longer have to worry about not being able to fit the appointment in your busy schedule. If you feel like getting a massage at midnight, to help you sleep better, you can do it.

More than that, you can relax on one of the most comfortable massage chairs on the market, without worrying that it may get damaged.

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Final Words on the Panasonic EP1285KL Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode

If you look at the reviews on this massage chair, you will see that the majority of them praise its performances, acknowledging that it changed their life for the better. People mostly express their extreme satisfaction with its remarkable features, and they are also happy with its affordable price.

You should not worry about packaging and transport, as clients all over the country found this product to be in very good condition when they received it. Also, if you are concerned that it might be too big for your door, you can lay it on one side and it will fit it even through the smallest doors.

And, what is equally important is that this massage chair is a long-lasting investment, as many clients have guaranteed its perfect functionality even after 6 months or one year of frequent use, a period after which many massage chairs break down or stop functioning properly.

The decision is all yours! You can stuff yourself with analgesics after a hard and exhausting day at work, or you can buy this chair and enjoy a wonderful massage. The best part of the Panasonic Massage Chair EP1285KL  Urban Lounger with Chiro Mode is that it is available to you, in your home, anytime you need it!


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