Pain relief and Massage Chairs

Pain relief and Massage Chairs

How massage chairs workMassage for pain relief purposes has been around for thousands of years: oriental massage techniques are well-known for ameliorating pain in problem areas like the neck, the shoulders or the lower lumbar area.

With the advance of modern day technology, you can now enjoy all the relaxation and health benefits these therapies can offer from the comfort of your room, without having to turn to a professional masseur and pay fortunes.

All you need is your own massage chair. Just imagine arriving home from work and sitting down in your favorite massage chair, watching your favorite TV program while getting a wonderful, calming and relaxing massage that removes stresses from your sore muscles and prepares you for sleep.

Massage chairs – Massage Techniques

Massage chairs act upon the joints and muscles of the body using different techniques: some use elements that vibrate and are able to move in various directions along a track, thus releasing the stiffness in the problem areas, others have air bags that inflate to enhance blood flow or use heat therapy. The more complex chairs combine these technologies and provide not only relaxation, but also massage for pain relief.

Massage chairs – Features

The mechanic action over problem parts in the body is usually carried out by rollers and pads that perform 3-dimensional movements, exercising pressure over your muscles. The movement of these units can be tapping, kneading or rolling, the most sophisticated chairs being able to apply the different kinds of motions simultaneously.

How massage chairs work realMany massage chairs are also equipped with sensors that detect the painful areas, and most of them come complete with remote controls, with the help of which you can select the type and intensity of the movements performed by the different units of the chair.

Tapping is applied mostly to the spinal area; while kneading, the pads and rollers of the chair move in a circle to provide massage for pain relief by stretching; when it comes to the rolling massage, the rollers move along the back of the user in a vertical direction.

Complex massage chairs are intricate structures that are able to provide pain relief solutions for all the major muscle groups in the body. Some chairs are equipped with massage hands in the backrests that provide pain relief in the back area, while the cushion of the chairs features vibrating pads for relaxing the sore muscles of the bottom. Some massage chairs have adjustable calf rests that massage the leg and the sole.

Air bags are also often integrated in massage chairs, with the purpose of providing massage for pain relief through air pressure therapy. The massage chairs equipped with this function feature air bags that are inflated and deflated by an in-built pump, and the user can select the intensity and the duration of the massage as well as the part of the body the massage is applied to.

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Heat therapy is yet another function of massage chairs that is extremely efficient for pain relief. Known for its extraordinary health benefits, such as treating strained muscles, spasms and arthritis, to mention just a few, the heat therapy function incorporated in massage chairs helps by dilating the blood vessels, thus improving circulation, so the blood is able to transport more oxygen and more nutrients to the muscles and the vital organs.

Heat therapy is excellent if you want a good massage for pain relief, because it works by inhibiting nerve paths that transmit the sensation of pain, so you will experience an instant amelioration of your soreness and feel more relaxed and flexible.

Kneading, tapping, rolling, air pressure and heat therapy are all functions provided by the most versatile and complex chairs, which are able to provide excellent and varied massage for pain relief, so having your own massage chair will offer you everything a professional massage therapist can provide.


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