Massage Redefined – The INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair Review

Massage Redefined – The INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair Review

Review of the INADA SONGO DreamWave Massage Chair

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Everything we have ever thought about massage becomes profoundly redefined after trying the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair. The latest, most modern massage solution from INADA is the result of long years of research and testing done by engineers and expert massage therapists. Sogno is the Italian word for dream – and this chair is exactly that, a dream chair.

Designed and developed with state-of-the-art technology to meet even the strictest quality requirements, this chair offers not only extensive massage coverage, but also an extremely wide range of massage functions. The chair is equipped with a number of proprietary accessories and menus, all conceived to serve the comfort and relaxation of the user. Not only is the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair highly functional, but it also features an interesting design, so this spaceship-like massage chair adds a touch of modernism to the room it is in.


Features that Make the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair so Exquisite


The INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair astonishes with the immense richness of proprietary technologies and physical features. The massage coverage offered by the chair is as large as 1,200 square inches, making it the chair with the most extended active surface on the market. The chair measures 55 x 37 x 48 inches and weighs 264.6 pounds, and it is available in black genuine leather and crème, brown and red antibacterial and anti-allergic fabric upholstery. The accessories that come with the chair include a power cord, 2 buffer pads (one thin and one thick), two Shiatsu shoulder pads, a T-wrench and two children safety lock keys. The owner’s manual is also included in the package.

The complexity of the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair becomes obvious when you first look at it: it features a reclining seat, with the reclining angle adjustable between 120 and 165 degrees, and the leg rest is also adjustable in a range of approximately 10 inches.

The massage chair provides a very wide choice of pre-programmed functions and it also features a manual mode, through which the number of available programs multiply to virtually hundreds of different massage combinations.

The chair is equipped with a number of proprietary technologies and accessories. The separate shoulder massage unit gently works your shoulder tops and makes wonders in relieving your stressed and tired muscles in the most painful target spots.

The DreamWave massage chair also provides Shiatsu massage with purpose-designed accessories and in-built programming options. This type of massage is similar to acupuncture, but the pressure is applied with the help of the fingers and palms, not with needles. Shiatsu is recommended for neck, shoulder and back pain; it is very efficient in relieving headaches, insomnia and anxiety and it can be successfully used to treat arthritis and problems of the digestive system. The INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair performs Shiatsu massage on the fingers, forearms, arms and shoulders with the help of twenty air cells in the arm support, with the same efficiency as if the massage were carried out by an expert massage therapist.

Your comfort is taken to a different level by the heated chair and the eight rollers that are all adjustable and are able to provide a 3-dimensional massage. The heater warms up the outer cover to maximum 102F to enhance massage efficiency and muscle relaxation, while the intensity of the massage can be adjusted by pushing forward or removing the rollers for more powerful or milder massage.


One of the signature features of the chair is the ultimate Dreamwave function. The seat of the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair is mobile in all directions, being able to slide both back and fourth and from side to side. During the program, the seat is moving in a figure-8 pattern, and the air bags around the hips, thighs and in the lower back area inflated to knead the larger muscle groups as well.

The patented stretch program is again one of a kind. It provides not only flexion and extension for the spine, but it also performs a rotating movement to stretch the aching muscles even more thoroughly.

The neck traction function is also unique to this massage chair: your shoulders are gently pushed downwards by the massage mechanism, while your neck is being massaged in full length.

 Inada SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair Video Review

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 Pros and Cons of the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair


If you are still not convinced, let’s take a look at other benefits of using this massage chair:


  • Ø  The uniquely sophisticated software package makes it possible to choose between morning and night-time programs – when you wake up in the morning, you evidently need a revigorating massage, while in the evening, when you are tired and stressed by all the hassle you went through during the day, you will need a relaxation massage to prepare you for sleep.


  • The choice among the eight different pre-programmed sessions is made easier by the advanced diagnostic functions: the chair features infrared body profiling, which scans your back and shoulders for detecting the problem points, so that the massage is directed exactly to those points with utmost efficiency.


  • The INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair features a proprietary youth function for younger users (14+), so all generations can now benefit of the therapeutic effects of the massage.


  • The chair adjusts to the weight and height of the user automatically, without any manual input being necessary for the on-board computer.


  • The temperature of the outside cover is optimal for facilitating massage efficiency.


However, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider when you think of buying the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair:


-       The size and design – the chair is quite big and heavy, and the design mixes sophistication and very modern, space-age features, so it might not fit into a room featuring more classic decoration.


-       The price – the chair is placed towards the top of the price range, but the health benefits and the amazing features make it an excellent investment into fitness and general well-being, so it is worth every cent.


Customer Reviews of the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair


Most reviewers use superlatives when talking about the experience of using the DreamWave. They praise the automatic adjustment feature of the chair: the second they sit into the chair, it analyses the load and the size of the user and the seat is customized to match the exact weight and height for the best results.


The quality of the build and of the massage is also characterized as “phenomenal” by most people who have tried the DreamWave. Even the most pretentious users, with vast experience in using massage chairs, say that this chair has not only met their requirements and wishes, but actually exceeded their expectations by far.


First time users recall having the first relaxed evening in years after using the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair. The extensive coverage is also a feature that makes this chair a favorite among many users: they recall feeling like in a cocoon, totally wrapped, safe and comfortable from the first time they used it. The hip massage function is also mentioned by many, this feature being unique on the market. Some reviewers also mention the health benefits of using the chair: muscles and joints become flexible again and chronic hypertension is also reduced after only a few weeks of massaging.


Durability and high quality workmanship are other features mentioned by many reviewers. Also, the outstanding customer support makes the users feel safe when using the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair. One of the reviewers lost the child lockout key, but the manufacturer sent her a new key in the shortest time possible and without charging anything for the replacement.


It seems that assembly is also easy – a 63-year-old lady who had not asked for the white glove assembly service was able to put the chair together by herself in 2 hours, and fell in love with it immediately. This chair is not only easy to assemble – it is also very easy to use. Even people with no previous experience in using massage chair remote controls managed to navigate through the menu without any difficulties.


The high price of the chair is also frequently mentioned by the reviewers, but all of them agree that it was the best money they have ever spent; some even say that the services of a massage therapist or a chiropractor would be much more expensive than this chair, in the long run. They say that the chair has other advantages over a therapist as well: you do not need an appointment to get a massage and you can direct the massage exactly to the problem spot for as long as you want.


INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair Review Conclusion

No wonder that the launching of the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair was so anticipated: it fulfills all the requirements one may have, and meets all expectations. The excellent customer service, the extended, 5-year warranty an the numerous high-tech features all add value to this unique example of craftsmanship.

All these features and qualities make the INADA SOGNO DreamWave Massage Chair an excellent acquisition for everybody.

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