The iJoy Massage Chair 2580 Review

The iJoy Massage Chair 2580 Review

HT iJoy Massage Chair 2580 by Human Touch

The iJoy Massage Chair 2580 is exactly what you need after a long working day. When you come home, feeling that everything in your body aches, you can sit in this comfortable chair, and it will take all the pain away. The iJoy massage chair 2580 is not only extremely comfortable, it is also a hi-tech product that offers the latest features, massage programs and technical specifications.

Furthermore, it has a really stylish design, so you can keep it in the living room as a fashionable interior design element. Unlike other massage chairs that do not have very appealing designs, nobody will realize the Ijoy 2580 is a massage chair and not a luxurious armchair, so there is no need to hide it away.

Main Features and Specs of the iJoy Massage Chair 2580

This amazing chair offers three massage programs you can choose from, a control panel that is incredibly easy to use, a recline option, a massage softening pad you can use when you want to reduce the intensity of the massage, and a power outlet. It weighs just 88 pounds and comes in espresso color or black.

Human Touch iJoy massage chair 2580 sketch

With the help of the iJoy massage chair 2580, you can enjoy a perfect massage session in the comfort of your own home. Whether you use it when you come home from work, after an intense workout at the gym, when you watch television, read a book or listen to music, this great massage chair will offer you a moment of relaxation just for you!

You can spoil yourself, offer yourself a reward, or just enjoy some quality time alone, whenever you feel tired, stressed, or in a bad mood. After a massage session in this chair, not only will your body feel great, but you will also feel refreshed, relaxed and more energetic. After all, we all deserve a moment just for ourselves.

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Pros and Cons of the iJoy Massage Chair 2580

This chair has an impressive number of advantages that have been greatly appreciated by its buyers:

Effective massage – this chair offers a strong massage that will take away the stress and pain in your muscles in an instant. The movement off the rollers is diversified, and it will reach all the areas of your back, neck, shoulders, removing all the tension. Circular movements, compression, tapping, different speeds and intensities – this chair offers them all, so you can enjoy the most pleasant massage possible.

Massage options – you have three massage programs you can choose from. You might want to massage your back, or just your shoulders and neck, depending on where tension and pain is located. Furthermore, you can increase the strength of the massage by removing the softening pad. This way you have control over the intensity of the massage.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 controls

Built-in control panel – changing between massage programs is extremely easy because the control panel is built into the arm rest, just within your reach. The control options can be quickly understood, so you will not have to spend a whole afternoon trying to figure out which button you have to push. And because the panel is built in the chair, you can be sure you will never misplace it, as you could do with a remote control. Controlling the chair is effortless.

Recline feature included – if you want to lie on your back and enjoy your massage, you can do just that, with the help of the recline button. If you do not want to lie down, for example, when you watch television, you can choose the angle of the chair depending on your wishes. However, if you just want to dream away, you can recline the chair all the way to a flat position.

Comfortable for any user – the chair is large and comfortable enough for any user, no matter how tall they are or how much they weigh. Its dimensions, 44 x 35 x 40 inches, can accommodate everybody.

Cup holder included – if you want to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea when having a massage, and you are wondering where to place it, find out the IJoy Massage Chair has a cup holder included. Therefore, you can drink a refreshing cup of morning coffee without having to get up from the chair to leave your cup on the table.

Power outlet included – in order to make things even more comfortable, this massage chair has a power outlet you can use if you want to listen to music on your iPod, charge your phone, or work on your laptop. If you want to keep yourself entertained during the massage session, you can power any device by plugging it in the power outlet.

Stylish design – the iJoy Massage Chair 2580 is a trendy chair that will look great in the living room or bedroom, matching your interior design perfectly.

Affordable – despite its great number of technical features, this chair can be bought for an incredibly affordable price. Purchase it online, and you might receive an impressive discount.

There are many pros to this chair, but what are the cons?

Here are some aspects customers were less satisfied about:

  • No foot massage feature – some buyers would have wanted a foot massage feature besides the back and shoulder massage programs this chair offers.
  • Low to the ground – some people complained about the chair being too low to the ground, which might not be comfortable for very tall individuals.

What Customers Think about the iJoy Massage Chair 2580

Most people who have purchased this chair are extremely satisfied with it. They mentioned the fact that the iJoy Massage Chair 2580 chair offers a high quality massage that relieves stress from all the back and neck muscles. Some say the chair does a better job that their professional masseuse. Customers appreciate the fact that you can control the chair easily with the help of the control panel, so you do not have to move more than a finger if you want to adjust the massage strength or choose another massage program.

Human Touch iJoy Massage chair 2580

All customers agree that the many options this chair includes are a great addition to the product, bringing even more comfort for individuals who like to enjoy their relaxation time once in a while. Overall, it is a great purchase for the price, and, from what people are saying, the chair is durable, stable, so it can be used for many years to come. Some people hint to the fact that short individuals might feel better in the chair than tall ones.

Final Thoughts about the iJoy Massage Chair 2580

The iJoy Massage Chair 2580 from Human Touch is a cost effective product that offers everything a nice massage chair should offer: strong, pleasant massage, simple control options, and the possibility to adjust the chair’s angle.

Without doubt, this massage chair is the perfect addition to any home, a product that will fit any décor. Even though there are two minor drawbacks to it, they are clearly not deal breakers.

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So, for people who do not want to spend money on massage sessions in a beauty center, making an investment in this affordable chair will give them the possibility to enjoy a professional massage at home, whenever they want.

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