Benefits of a Massage Chair – The Stress and Pain Relief Recipe

Benefits of a Massage Chair – The Stress and Pain Relief Recipe

Benefits of a Massage Chair

 Benefits of a Massage Chair

As these products are becoming more popular each year, it is no wonder that the benefits of a massage chair are more widely known now than ever. Robotic massage chairs have been around ever since the beginning of the 60s and many brands have covered the market these past fifty years or so.

  Nowadays, one out of 100 Americans own a massage chair. This makes it a quite common product, but, if we are to compare its popularity in the USA to its penetration on the Japanese market, you will be blown away. Currently, one out of five Japanese houses has one! In the following paragraphs, we will present the reasons why you should definitely try one, while also briefly presenting some the best massage chair brands. If you decide on purchasing one, you should make sure that you choose a reliable brand! As the market gets wider and wider, the scene gets crowded and, just like in any other market niche, knowing the good players is as important as ever.

 Massage chairs for pain relief and daily maintenance

High-tech chairs are very popular at the moment. As studies of the American Academy of Pain Medicine show, in 2011, more than 100 million people over the age of 21 have been reported as sufferers of at least one type of common chronic pain. And that is in the U.S.A. alone! While many specialists use these chairs as part of their programs, it is a known fact that no gadget or mechanism can, by working alone, eliminate a pain completely. However, massage chairs are known to offer great pain relief for different sections of the body, being a vital aid in fighting many conditions.

 There are many reasons why massage chairs are indispensable and because of which one should not wait until he suffers of a condition to get one:

- They are great for blood circulation, making oxygen travel better through the organism and helping the delivery of nutrients in a more effective manner;

- Massage chairs for pain relief and daily maintenance stimulate the body to maintain high levels of endorphins;

- They stimulate a natural and healthy sleep cycle, thus giving a helpful hand in another troublesome area;

- They offer the basic advantages of any good massage: relaxation; relieving stress, tension and pain; higher levels of pain tolerance; efficient toning of the muscles, etc.

 As you might have guessed, the benefits of a massage chair have been molded so they would copy, in minute detail, the most effective techniques of the manual massage developed over the centuries by ancient cultures. Just like Shiatsu, Swedish, Chinese or the most recent Watsu, these chairs try to offer the best relaxation, stress and pain relief possible.

 As massage chairs for chronic pain are not only addressed to actual chronic sufferers, anyone can take advantage of them, either for sore muscle treatments, relaxation or daily stress relief. If a household has, let’s say, six people, every one of them can use the massage chair for a different reason.

 Just a hypothetical example: mom and dad can relax after work and make sure they keep the pains away. The older boy, a computer programmer, gives his back a well deserved treatment after six hours of work. The younger boy, who plays football, can tone his muscles after practice. As for grandma and grandpa, they can tell you better than anyone else that massage chairs for chronic pain are a blessing.

 Best Massage Chair brands in the Business

As we said before, just like any needed and successful branch, the one concerning massage chairs is crowded with brands. We will be brief and we will just give you some good brand names. Depending on your needs and possibilities, you are guaranteed to be able to find a model that is perfect for you. From cheap models that simply vibrate to the most complex ones, which will make you feel like in the hands of the best masseuse on this planet, you can find anything. As the range of complexity is wide, so are the prices.

But let us begin with the name dropping. On a worldwide level, the top three brands, in terms of units sold, are the following:  Family Inada, Fujiiryoki, and Panasonic. In the United States, Human Touch has been the top brand for a few good years, until the recession, when it went down. The list of brands that are generally good also includes Homedics, OGAWA, Sanyo, Back Doctor, One Life, iRest, VGO, SHSS, Masseuse, Kyokei, Masse, Oregon Scientific, OSIM, OTO, and Omega.

 Surely, the list changes each season, as new companies emerge and others merge. The ones we presented are surely some of the best massage chair brands you could find on the market, so we kindly recommend you to choose one of the above and start enjoying the benefits of a massage chair

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